Current art projects

I have finally gotten around to finishing my fish eagle painting.

Art group has started up again for the year and on Thursday our exercise was supposed to be a quick study of colour – testing out the transparency of acrylic paint.  As usual I got carried away and my quick colour study turned into a full-scale painting to the dismay of Anne, our very patient teacher.

I never used to like painting still life pictures but things seemed to have changed and I am having so much fun with this one.  Still a bit to do….


9 thoughts on “Current art projects

  1. Jackie Jackie Jackie….. What have I known you now, 2 years? When I first stumbled upon you, I was amazed at just how talented you were for a supposed “amateur” artist. Your works since then have just grown leaps and bounds and trust me, your work is 10x better than most stuff I see in galleries down here. In Red RIver, we eat in a nice restaurant at least once every vacation. This particular restaurant has local art work adorning the walls, with each piece being for sale with a price tag clearly visible on the frames. You would not believe how much people are asking for pieces that are nowhere near as good as yours! They are wanting $500-$600 for works that are laughable compared to what you are doing. You REALLY do have a talent! I have a feeling that in a few years I will be able to tell people that I know Jackie the famous artist, versus Jackie the Hotel Empress and Amateur Wheat Beer Brewmeister! 🙂


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