What’s happening in the Slowveld?

I find I am having less and less time to sit and write blog posts lately so I have decided to quickly update you all on what’s been happening around here.  I am sure I will get my groove back again soon and post regularly.

  • My rethatch project on the Bean’s cottage is complete but I am really not happy with the end product.  It also performed very poorly through our floods.  As I am not prepared to work with the man who did the roof again, I am going to have to get someone in to fix up the mistakes so that the roof is sound.  I don’t think it will be a very big job.
  • My Tuscan patio is almost complete and I finally found a creeper to grow on it while I was in JHB.  Unfortunately the creeper did not like having half a foot of water floating around its roots for three days and gave up the ghost.  I think I am just going to plant a Bougainvillea now.  I still also need to do the paving blocks.  Once it’s done I will share a photo.
  • The Bean has decided not to attend university this year and is taking a gap year before she starts her degree next year.  She will be spending her gap year in the UK and in Johannesburg.  She will be doing a TEFL course in the second half of the year so that should keep her brain on track for her studies in 2013.  I am going to miss her dreadfully.
  • I have started a small mornings only job in town to help out friends with their business.  My hours are flexible so it fits in really well with my B&B work.  It also helps now after the floods as I am unable to have guests in the B&B until our water runs clear again.  The swimming pool is now half full and looks something like pea and carrot soup.  This weekend I am going to pump all of the water out and will only fill it up again once we have clean water.
  • On the water issue, I followed the advice of one of my blog readers and now use a flocculent to clear water for washing clothes.  I hoped the technique would also work for the swimming pool but unfortunately even when I do get the silt to sediment out using Aluminium Sulphate, the sediment is still so fine that it passes right through my pools filtration system and pumps straight back into the pool.
  • My son and his wife will be having their baby this month sometime and I will be dashing down to Johannesburg for two days to visit my first grandbaby.  There are some concerns about the baby and she may need surgery post birth so please think of them through this difficult time.
To my fellow bloggers, I have not been reading any blogs lately and miss them so much.  I promise I will be back and commenting as soon as I am able.  Happy blogging….. J



7 thoughts on “What’s happening in the Slowveld?

  1. Hi Jackie, good to get an update from you. I am always thinking of you whether you are posting or not. I really hope that everything goes better than expected with the birth later this month.
    Just a note on your new thatch – it always leaks to start with – until it beds down. But if there are other issues as well I hope that you manage to get them sorted without too much extra hassle.
    Take care


  2. Gosh you have been having ‘interesting times’ as the Chinese say. We all have periods in our lives when we cannot blog much or even read blogs much, but thanks for letting us know. Good luck with all your enterprises, and especially for the birth of the new baby, I do hope all goes well. Look forward to the pix of the garden when you are next around:)


  3. Jackie…It is amazing that you found a spare moment to give us updates. Best of luck with your house repairs. I hope your grandchild has a smooth welcome to this world & your daughter enjoys her year off. Take care & I look forward to your regular blogs.


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