Calling it quits

is sometimes necessary when painting pictures.  This still life was supposed to just be a quick colour study but turned into a really fun painting.  The problem is that it’s just painted on paper and that I really rushed parts of it.  I wanted it to have a half finished rustic look which I think I have acheived but the picture lacks depth and dimension.  I could fix it up but because its just on paper, it’s really not worth doing.

Even although there are many problems with this painting, I really like it just like it is – with its half finished and flat look.  I might just frame it and hang it up on one of my rock walls…….



11 thoughts on “Calling it quits

  1. Next time try it from a different angle. Like painting it from above so that one sees the inside of the basin or jug. This gives more shadow oportunities. and also give depth. You are very good, though and obviously like taking time over your paintings. I tend to rush through, but I have done a few good water colours. I have tried chalk pastel as well which is quite fun.


    • Hi Rose, thanks for the comments. I was painting from a picture so could not change the angle if I wanted to 🙂 . It’s perfectly possible to get more depth and dimension in this picture too with the addition of more shadow and reflection however because it’s on paper, it’s getting a little overloaded with paint. I miss water colours – I used to really enjoy painting with wc when I was much younger. I think I’m a little scared of it now but will be taking a few tips from a friend who’s paintings you can see here :
      I really like her technique and want to learn a little more. I agree that pastel is great fun too 🙂


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