Modelling clay

Art group on Thursday night was all about clay modelling.  I was caught up in my jackal painting so did not work with the clay which I regret a bit. Everyone was so absorbed with what they were doing and the results were very interesting.  Anne asked the group to use the human form but to distort it.  Here are some of the results.

that’s a bottom….

Nicola’s skinny man

Mark’s second piece

and his first one – lots of laughs with this one – I love the left mans hat

Dianne’s man with kissable lips

Johan’s foot and shoes

and Millie’s dainty lady.

I’m sure you also noticed all the glasses of wine.  We have quite a festive time at these classes.

And finally, here is Alf (who arranged my roofs and my shade cloth house) – working on his zebra.  This man is totally colour blind and paints beautifully.  We just have to tell him which tube of paint to use 🙂


7 thoughts on “Modelling clay

  1. These are wonderful – I focused on figurative sculpture in university, your post took me back! But I have to say, I love the seeing your group enjoying wine while you work 😉


  2. Hi there, I’m looking for sculpting clay as my usual supplier has closed down. Any suggestions on where the clay shown in these pics was bought from please? Thanks


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