Meet Betty and the girls

That’s them – I am the proud owner of my first 4 hens.  Betty is the black one, and the girls are the rest 🙂 – I am starting to see differences in the girls but not enough to give them each a name yet.  They shout a lot when I go into their coop (made out of recycled materials) and I don’t think they like me much yet.  I hope this changes.

They like sitting up on their perch like this, and looking out into the bush

and this is their home.  I have stitched shade cloth over the entire cage to keep it cool and to keep out the snakes.

Now I just have to wait and see if they start laying eggs.


9 thoughts on “Meet Betty and the girls

  1. My parents had lots of chickens and a huge coop when I was growing up. Sometimes a hen would go off for days, only to return with several chicks (we called the biddies) in tow. Hens are docile until they hatch chicks and then, without warning, they can become ferocious. Nice coop!


  2. Looks great, won’t be long before you start getting eggs. A day or two after you get them unless they are still a bit too young (6 months I think). Good luck!


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