The Challenge

I have this friend, who I have known for about 10 years, but have really only connected with over the past year or so.  We used to live in the same town, and never spent much time together and now we live about 9 hours apart and spend hours together on Facebook and Blackberry messenger.  I often ask myself why we didn’t connect well before, but I guess it is just that we find ourselves in the same space at the moment. She is a mother and a wife, fellow planet-hugger, an artist and philosopher. So extremely confident and outspoken in some ways and yet shy and retreating in others. One of the things she is shy and retreating about is her art, and oh boy can she paint!  I have found myself being led gently through the world of art by her, learning words like ‘plein air’ , ‘hyper-realism‘ and ‘alla prima’, and walking through a virtual gallery of artists to look at how they do it.

Meet Vanessa

In the past I was never really interested in the world of art – I just liked painting and drawing.  My vocabulary consisted of paint, brush, and canvas, so this is all very new and exciting to me.

So anyhow, a few days ago I found a picture I wanted to paint and I had a few questions about how to approach it so I sent it to Vanessa to have a look at and advise me. She fell in love with the picture too and then I got to thinking about how different our paintings would be if we painted from the same reference picture, and so an idea was born.

Vanessa took a little convincing and now we will both be painting a picture using the same reference over the next seven days.

Here is a note from Vanessa on the subject:

A late night chat on my Blackberry with yours truly lead to a painting challenge, that to be quite honest I am rather nervous about. It’s such a beautiful image and we both share a love of art, I could not refuse her coaxing.
Jackie oddly seems to think I am a pro at painting. Snigger! To put the record straight – I am not a professional, I have never painted this type of subject matter in my entire life, … and oh Jackie’s natural ease with her talent intimidates me.
I take months to complete paintings, and we have 7 days (and she calls herself the Slowvelder??).
By the way, the medium I am using is Water mixable Oils on stretched canvas –  hooo boy I just hope I can get this done in time?!

I thought it would be interesting to journal about the process here on my blog, so Vanessa will be checking in here with me, leaving a few notes and also commenting and answering questions in the comments section of the various posts.  I believe she may even blog about it herself, and if she does, I will also link to her blog. (Click here to see V’s Blog and take a look at her paintings)

I hope you will enjoy following the process with us.  We have decided that we will only show you the reference picture after our paintings are complete, and we will NOT be telling you which picture belongs to each of us until the end.  If you have followed my art posts before, you will probably be able to tell,  you are welcome to guess 🙂 . I will be painting in acrylic and oil on stretched canvas.

We start today and will show you our final paintings next Sunday.  I will try to get up as many intermediate posts as possible showing you our progress.

We would love to get some lively debate going in the comments so please feel free to have your say and invite your friends to join in. (Beg plead! As I would just hate to end up having only one or two comments :))

Let the challenge begin……


14 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. Wow! Very brave of both of you, and I’m seriously looking forward to the reveal. Good luck to both of you, & have fun! xxx


  2. It sounds like a great idea – have fun – I’m sure you will:)

    I’ll be offline for most of the next 2 weeks so look forward to seeing the final results!


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