Art challenge – day 2

Well day one was a complete disaster with both artists procrastinating  – seems this is standard before starting a picture.  Dogs got washed and banking and budgets took preference and even getting a lawn cut came first.  A good way to get those disliked chores out of the way.

Guilt ridden and worried about time, both ladies got going quite early on their paintings on day 2.  Much discussion via Blackberry messenger took place and by the end of the day they should have had something to show for it.

Here are their results.

This artist drew her picture

and then promptly painted over it to rid herself of the white canvas

so now she has left it to dry and will start drawing all over again – tomorrow hopefully. Time is short.

Our other artist didn’t even bother to draw anything but just started with splodges of colour.

and gave up by midday.

Interesting to note the two different techniques and also that they have chosen different orientations (landscape vs portrait) to depict the same picture.

Lets hope they get themselves into gear and have something more to show soon!


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