Art challenge – day 3: Progress

If you have just stumbled across this post, please read about the challenge here, and about day 1 and 2 here.

Day 3 seems to have been much more productive and we have some interesting pictures to see.

By now you will have a good idea of what the paintings are of, using the colours from one artist and the structure from the other you can easily build the picture in your head.

We would love to hear your thoughts so far.


7 thoughts on “Art challenge – day 3: Progress

  1. Outstandingly beautiful. This challenge would make an interesting picture book. What great progress, though with only seven days there’s not a lot of time to waste!


  2. Its interesting to see the very different paths each artist is taking to arrive at the same goal. One artist has introdeced the girl in the work very early, as though the world should be built to suit the girl. The other artist has yet to introcuse the girl, as though the world should be built and perfected, then invite the girl to be a part of it. The black and white Seems to be developing from a dark memory, and adding layer upon layer of things known, or comfort, almost to calm the girl as she moves from a dark and frightening place, toward a better place. The color work seems to be creating a place of joy, as if all at once the girl will have her blindfold removed, and will be finally suprised to see all the beauty that has been created around her, for her.


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