Art challenge day 4

Day 4 – half way there

Let see what our artists are up to……..

One worked on her colour choices

and the other just kept on going

Do you think they will finish in time?


10 thoughts on “Art challenge day 4

  1. Do I think they will finish on time? 🙂 Thats a funny question! From a challenge perspective, yes, they will both finish on time. Artists typically work better under some pressure such as time constraints, emotional buildup, angst, rage, or just from the sheer pressure of life accumulating and condensing in the mind of the artist to the point that the pressure can not longer be contained by the artist. At that point the artist forces the pressure from the mind, causing brush and paint to collide, and translate the pressure into the meaning behind the pressure. And the work will be finished…………for the audience.

    For the artist, I doubt the painting will ever be finished. Not in 7 days, or 7 months, or 7 years. Every time the see the work they will see where they might have done this or that, should have added or taken away from. Because it can never truely reveal or express the emotion the artist wants us to understand.

    Every time they see the work, they mentally start the creation process over again in their mind.


    • Wow Dave – with all this inside knowledge you must be an artist too 🙂 – you know us so well. Vanessa and I both do the procrastination and angst things rather well.


      • Jax, I completely agree. Dave must bean artist too. I thoroughly enjoy reading his comments. I hope for some constructive critique soon too 🙂


      • I’ll admit I am creative, and have done some artwork in the past. Hopefully when I finally stop the 8 to 5 routine I can focus more on my creative aspirations. I am completly in awe, and somewhat jealous of the both of you, who currently have time to devote to your work. My creative intrests are painting, creative writing, photography, glass work including smelting and stained glass, landscape design, and am getting into jewelery/beadwork. I really enjoy using creativity to solve problems in real world situations.
        Thanks for letting me comment on the challenge! 🙂 I am really enjoying the process!


  2. Really enjoying your challenge Jacks, and have already made up my mind which one I think is yours. Hope you are both having fun 🙂


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