Anne Watt, who runs our art group, had the opening of her first solo art exhibition last night.  Her work is currently being exhibited at the Chalkhamhill Gallery in the Kamogelo Center in Hoedspruit.  Anne, we are so proud of you.

The work of this show is a reflection of Africa.

We had a superb evening, with most of her art students attending as well as a large crowd of local residents and even some Easter tourists.  One of Anne’s paintings in the gallery was painted directly onto the wall, and I believe the entire wall has been sold to a very willing buyer.  I took the following photos at the event however, my night time photography needs some serious work.  It really does not do Anne’s pictures justice.


10 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS – Anne Watt

  1. Beautiful! I especially like the primarily orange painting near the end of this post, with the artist standing next to it. Very nice. Congratulations Ms. Watt!


  2. I like the wall, it has a South African flag “feel” to it and also Anne looking at it, I’m sure proudly. Beautiful, all of them!


  3. HI Jackie,

    Thank you so much for blogging about my first solo exhibit. Yes I am so very proud and it was great to see all the support from my students. Thanks to everyone who made the opening night such a success. I plan to take Africa to the world!!!
    Love Anne


  4. Magnificent colouring – We have a number of pieces of art from Anne watt up in our house in england and they all transport me back to my time in Africa – so much life and talent in one.


  5. Hi Anne, just found this online and what beautiful pics. How are you and all the family..We now settled in Canada but would love to catch up if you ever get time with all this gorgeous to all Norma & Martin Capper


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