Art challenge – day 7

We are both now painting furiously with our deadline of Sunday 8pm looming over us.

I think the biggest hurdle in this challenge so far is getting the layers of paint dry before starting the next one. We are discussing our pictures with each other constantly but also only see each others paintings as these posts go up.

Our pictures today are taken of wet paint so please excuse any shine you see. Wet paintings are very hard to photograph without special equipment.

Don’t you think it’s amazing how they are starting to come together?

To follow the process see the posts listed below.


13 thoughts on “Art challenge – day 7

  1. There is a different feel to the paintings created by the portrait and landscape layout of the canvas. The potrait layout, along with its more somber colors lend an old world feel. The landscape layout, with lighter colors lends a more modern feel. The potrait seems to have realistic quality, and the landscape has more a dreamlike quality. The child is more defined in the portrait, and more obscure in the landscape.
    Cant wait to see the final work, and the inspiration piece. Nice job ladies!


  2. I have not seen any of Vanessa’s previous work, but I will take a guess based on info presented from days 1 thru 6 of the challenge. I think Vamessa,s painting is the portriat layout with the darker colors, and Jackie,s painting is the landscape layout with the lighter colors.


  3. Both are excellent, my preference leans towards the lighter colours. Not sure which is yours. You have inspired me, so I am sitting in front of my elephant working the details & trying to get the cartoon out of it.


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