Free your Art

After our recent art challenge, Vanessa and I have been approached by quite a few people asking if they could take part in our next challenge. We have now set up a Facebook page where everyone can take part and comment and join in the fun. Our first public challenge will be starting next week. If you would like to join in please go to our page and click on the “like”button.  We look forward to seeing you there, whether spectator or participant.

We have quite a few first time artists who will be painting their first paintings on this challenge. Why don’t you try too?

Click here to join our Facebook page

For those of you who prefer to steer clear of Facebook, I will be posting updates here from time to time and you can still participate but will have to email me your picture updates.  It does mean more work for me so if you can – please join us on FB.

For more information on our last painting challenge you can read the following posts:

As soon as we have our next challenge ready I will be letting you know. Please join us – it’s going to be great fun.


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