Our first group art challenge is launched – Free Your Art

Why the Egg?

Being the first online challenge, we thought that in order to see the various mediums and skill levels at play we would begin with something basic. Don’t be deceived however, as eggs can be rather tricky to get right. They can easily end up looking like potatoes. I am sure it will test your tonal skills, drawing skills and patience levels. Neither of us has ever painted a still life with eggs, so the task will be worthwhile. Starting with eggs will give an appreciation of form and tone (shadows-midtones-highlights), and how the two go hand in hand when creating the illusion of depth and dimension.


  • The reference image is provided. Feel free to adjust the image if need be.
  • Eggs are the “star” theme and if possible stay true to the general layout as far as possible. We are not looking for carbon copies, but rather expression in style and medium.
  • Any medium is acceptable, although some sort of colour and brush work would be ideal for this challenge. Art apps and digital art or photography are also welcome, but please start from scratch i.e. don’t trace or digitally copy.
  • Size guideline  A4/A3

Timeline:  The challenge runs from the 25th of April to the 20th of May 2012. Final paintings must be uploaded to the appropriate album on our Facebook page by 8pm SAST 20 May 2012 or emailed to me by 12h00.

Feel free to upload your progress pictures to the Facebook page whenever you wish. We would love to see how things are going.  If you get stuck, upload a picture to the page wall and ask your question. We are all here to learn and help.


Thank you to Dale Tyndall for taking the photo, and to Vanessa Marais for choosing this challenge, photoshopping and for telling us why we should paint eggs.

Let’s get painting!

Click on the picture below to join our Facebook page


9 thoughts on “Our first group art challenge is launched – Free Your Art

  1. Oh, I thought this was going to be a week-long challenge. A month sounds more do-able, but God, no way I can paint or draw an egg. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Love the idea of this, but my representational skill are non-existent!


  2. It seems as if the Kathryn/Catherine’s are a bit intimated………I would love to join but am also scared @#$less. I feel their is something in me but I have never explored it. (just a suggestion Jackie……have you and Vanessa ever held a workshop of sorts? A weekend in the bush, exploring our unexplored creative selves would be wonderful!!)


    • We have so many newbies picking up a brush for the first time – its standard to be scared of a painting before you start so those are not valid excuses 🙂 Please just give it a try – you will be so glad you did !


  3. Free Your Art is a great title – just what we all need to do. Well done Jackie on the initiative.
    For all those looking to free the artist child within, read the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron during your painting breaks – it is amazing what happens with this book


    • Hi Ingrid. I have got the book after you recommended it and am working through it. We must also credit Vanessa as she thought up the title – Free your Art, and has been very involved in getting this little project up and running.


      • Thanks for the kind comments Jax, it’s been great doing this together. I think the joint effort has definitely made it happen. I must read that book, I got a copy after you mentioned it on FB.
        A lot of people are feeling scared about this challenge and the subject matter, but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s more about being a personal challenge than a competition to see who paints or draws the best. As we progress with further challenges or projects we’ll be able to see improvements and become tuned in to eachother’s styles and help build confidence


    • Hello – yes anyone can do it. She is welcome to join by linking on our facebook page or if she does not have facebook – she can just paint her picture and email a photo of it to me. Progress photos are also welcome – we have a few up on facebook already. We would love to have her participate!


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