Choking on grey water

This is my version of grey water usage.  I have channeled all the water from my bathroom to water my bed of artichoke plants.  It is quite an experiment.  I hope it works.

How to grow artichokes

The artichoke, Cynara scolymus, can be grown almost everywhere except possibly  where the summer is too hot (which may be my downfall). The ideal growing conditions are cool and moist summers and mild winters.

If you live in a cold climate your best bet is to start new plants each year. If you have a mild winter and mulch well, the artichokes may survive as perennials. Remember, it’s the artichoke’s roots that need protection.

Using transplants, you can grow artichokes as annuals in cold-winter climates with 90 to 100 frost-free days. .

Gardeners who are lucky enough to have the best growing conditions may be able to harvest artichokes throughout the year. For these people, it would not be unusual to harvest 30 artichokes per year per plant.


8 thoughts on “Choking on grey water

  1. I looooooove artichokes!! I tried growing a couple in Joburg but they died! 😦
    If yours grow I’ll be your first customer…!


  2. Looks awesome, i think i’d rather have water in the bathroom though!

    What’s the purpose of the stones you’ve arranged around each plant?


    • this is the dirty water after I have used it in my bathroom 🙂 The stones were just for me to see where each plant was when they were tiny so that I wouldn’t stand on them although they seem to help keep the soil in place so it does not get washed away.


  3. I know nothing really about either grey water or artichoke plants, but what you have going looks like it will work well.

    Are you going to see your new grandbaby for Mother’s Day on Sunday? Do you even celebrate the holiday there, or is it an American holiday?



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