A special Mother’s Day tribute

When I was 15 my mother died, leaving two angry teenagers to run the home.

When I was 16 my dad remarried a younger woman, who, at the age of 27 had to come into this home and take care of the above mentioned angry teenagers.

Needless to say there were sparks.

Today I pay tribute to a special woman who, after 30 years of being my step-mother has crept into my heart.

Dear Sheila

Thank you for sticking it out. Those early years must have been really hard for you too.

Thank you for your green fingers and for designing and planting about 5 of my gardens.

Thank you for my little sister and brother – they add a sparkle to my life.

Thank you for looking after Dad so well

Thank you for being there through thick and thin.

Happy Mother’s Day

With love


Photo pinched from my sister Dale


15 thoughts on “A special Mother’s Day tribute

  1. Dit is sulke mooi woorde, en uit jou hart! As ons nie mekaar se foute oorsien en mekaar net liefhê kan ons nooit n pad saam stap nie. Ek dink dit beteken ook vir jou pa baie Jackie!


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