Free range girls

After one and a half months of getting used to their new home Betty and the girls were ready to go free range this weekend.  I had been dreading this because when I first got them they escaped and it took ages and a lot of trouble to get them back into their cage.

I was assured by Alf who gave me the chickens that after a month they would have settled down and I would not have a problem getting them back into their cage.  So early on Saturday morning I released them into the wild to go foraging.

I noticed that they are no longer afraid of me and that they may even like me a bit now.  In fact they come when I call and I can get them to follow me.  I even took them to the compost heap to go scratching for worms. They followed me all in a row while I made chicken noises and scratching sounds.

Jackie the chicken whisperer 🙂

Come sundown they walked nicely into their cage for me and hopped up onto their perch.  I will be letting them out now when I am at home.  Although Cleo just watches them and has made no moves to chase them she does get very jealous when I talk to them.  I think if I leave her alone with them when I go out she may just try to show them who is boss.


6 thoughts on “Free range girls

  1. It is good to keep them caged in the mornings – they will lay the eggs inside, and the afternoon they can just scratch and play! That was my mothers routene{ roetiene} with her chickens! Mwah


    • The hens were fine when I got home and there were no signs at their cage thank goodness. Cleo acted out very much so I knew something had happened. Baboons are known to kill dogs so I am glad she was ok too.


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