Free your Art – Assignment 2

Heather Leigh Wagner won the vote in our previous challenge, so we thought it appropriate to give her the subject choice as a prize. We also wanted to make this a little more informal and open to personal interpretation, so when she suggested “A tree or trees – and maybe not from a ‘print’ or ‘master copy’ but each person could find their favourite tree in the garden or find a picture to copy…. that way everyone’s will be unique but with the same theme?” – We thought it a great idea! This is our second online assignment, less of a challenge and more of showcase of personal style and taste.

Guidelines: · A Tree/Trees are the main theme. It can be fantasy; macro of a bonsai; a sunset with a tree silhouette, or a perhaps a forest, just stick to the topic · The reference material* is to be sourced individually, either from a photo, or life. ·

Medium: Open ·

Size: Open

Timeline: The assignment runs from 30th May to the 25th June 2012. Final paintings must be uploaded to the appropriate album by 6pm GMT 25th June 2012.

Please upload progress and reference pictures to the appropriate albums on our Facebook page or email them to me on

*This image is not the reference image, please source your own

Please let me know if you will be taking part.  We only had one international entry in our last challenge which was Peter from Belgium. Thank you so much for participating Peter.  We are really hoping for a few more international entries this time.

Why don’t you give it a try? Remember that your entry can be in any type of medium, so clay modelling, photography, any type of painting medium, pencil, scratch board, are all welcome.  Let’s get creative!


4 thoughts on “Free your Art – Assignment 2

  1. Question–you say the medium is “open” but then refer to it as painting. Can it be mixed media? Also, sorry to be so dense, but what do you mean by, “The reference material* is to be sourced individually, either from a photo, or life?”


    • Hi Kathy – yes you are right – we should not refer to the finished art piece as a painting. Mixed media – actually any kind of media is acceptable. When we say the reference picture must be souced individually, we mean that we are not supplying the reference picture to which one would have to refer to when working on your piece of art and that you can find any inspiration you like either from pictures or real life trees.



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