About new friends and being spoiled rotten.

About a year back I received a comment or two from a gentleman in the USA on my blog.  He seemed interested in purchasing a property in my neighbourhood and he had 1010 questions to ask me.  It was great fun answering his questions and getting to know him.  His name is Dave.

Dave has become a loyal and faithful follower of my blog. Over the year he and his partner Todd have been buying a house in a nearby reserve, and finally this month, they arrived to take possession of their new home.  It has really been grand getting know them, show them my farm and get to see theirs.

Dave also introduced me to Heather who also lives on their reserve.  You may remember Heather from my previous posts on our painting challenge. Heather paints with her mouth.

Here are Heather and I at Dave and Todd’s new home

Do you see the bottle on Heather’s table.  That is “sunshine in a bottle” – a solar light that I have been lusting after for so long.  Dave and Todd gave Heather and I a few each as a gift.  I am so thrilled with them.

One thing Dave took note of when reading my blog was my incessent complaining about my little camera, so before he and Todd left to return to the US on Thursday, he gave me this:

Can you believe it?  Along with another fancy schmancy long lens.  I am so spoiled!

I have now been tasked with getting some good pictures up onto this little blog.  I have lots to learn.

Thanks Dave and Todd!!!!  Can’t wait for you to get back in October.


6 thoughts on “About new friends and being spoiled rotten.

  1. Thanks for the kind words Jackie! It has been a great pleasure reading your blog, getting to k ow you, and getting to know more about the Limpopo area of South Africa. You seriously rock! Looking forward to reading more about your blog, and seeing South Africa thru your lens.



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