Porcupine’s progress

Today, after collecting his new meds in town, I drove out to Moholoholo to visit our porcupine.  He is now wearing a shiny yellow bandage around his middle and was not to happy with me for waking him up. Because he is nocturnal, he was having a really good sleep.  Staff at the rehabilitation center say that he really seems to be feeling better as he is getting a little crosser with them now when they have to give him his injections and shows the will to fight.  He apparently also has a wonderful appetite and is eating them out of house and home.  I will be back with him on Friday when they will be removing his bandages.

A special thank you to all our kind donors who have contributed towards his medicine and care.

Pick n Pay has kindly donated money and are running a “name the porcupine”competition on their facebook page.  Why don’t you pop on over and try naming our porcupine.


7 thoughts on “Porcupine’s progress

  1. Thanks for the update Jackie. I was just about to send you a message asking how things were going:) I’m so glad that the porcupine looks as if he’s going to recover well, and so many thanks to PicknPay as well.
    Are you planning to re-release him onto your farm?
    Do you ever patrol the fences looking for snares etc?


    • Hi Sue – yes I plan to release him onto my farm if I can. WE do have a company come in twice a year to search for snares on the farm and we have someone who works for us on the farm who collects snares all the time.


    • Hi Kathy

      He was caught in a snare and was very badly injured. It’s been touch and go whether he would be euthanized but we managed to get some decent donations to help keep him alive.


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