A little more about Porky

Two weeks ago I found a porcupine caught in a snare just outside my farm.  With the help of my friends husband, Christopher, we got him onto my vehicle and rushed him to Moholoholo, an animal rehabilitation center in our area.  There they sedated him and removed the snare and cleaned up his wounds.  I was then asked if I was willing to get him the medical attention he needed or if I would prefer to have him euthanized as his recuperation would be costly.

I wrote a blog post (which you can read here) and within 40 minutes of publishing, I had collected in excess of R4000.00 from kind friends and strangers including a donation of R2000 from Pick n Pay headoffice to assist in paying for his care and medication.

Today I went back to watch him have his third surgery to clean his wounds and change his dressings.  Each time this is done, he has to have anaesthetic.  Brian Jones and the staff at the center have been fantastic, doing so much to fight for this poor creatures life. Our dear Porky has crept into everyone’s hearts.  I believe that Moholoholo has spent way over what we have collected for Porky’s care – he is now eating a hug bag of gem squash and butternuts every week, and has had a full course of antibiotics.

Today Brain told me that in two weeks time I will be able to collect Porky and bring him home to be released back into the wild on my farm.

Here are some pictures to show you the progression of his extensive wounds. (not for the squeamish 🙂 )

This is what his wounds looked like when we found him

Here Brian is removing the snare

and the wound after it had been cleaned

After one week Porky was again given and anaesthetic and his wound was cleaned and redressed.  You can see how the skin has started to grow across the wound (the orange/yellow stuff is an antibiotic ointment)

and today, another anaesthetic and a repeat cleaning and dressing.  Look at how well his wound is healing.

And all taped up and ready to go back to his ICU cage.  The anaesthetic was light, so he did start to wake up as his bandage was going on – not an easy thing keeping such a tough  and prickly boy down.

Two more weeks and he will be home and free.

Again, a huge thank you firstly to the wonderful team at Moholoholo, and secondly to all the amazing people and friends who donated money, and Pick n Pay for the kind donation given to keep this porcupine alive.

Please take time to visit Moholoholo’s web site and if you are in a giving mood, there is a link there for donations to keep the center running.

While I was there I also got to see a baby duiker getting her feed,

and Brian took me in to see a leopard that had just arrived.  The leopard had been caught in a trap and half his face has been badly damaged.  Luckily he is in the right place with people who will take the time to make sure he mends well so that he can be released into the wild again.

On Monday I am going to see if I can find some generous local farmers and stores who can donate some gem squashes and butternuts and other vegetables that we can take through for the animals at the rehab center (including our greedy porcupine).  If anyone in the Hoedspruit area is interested in donating some produce, please leave me a message and I will collect.

Thank you all again.


11 thoughts on “A little more about Porky

  1. So glad your “Porky” is on the mend. Our vet called today to say we can pick our little guy up and release him. Apparently he has also crept into their hearts and is eating them out of house and home…Our vet’s in Three Rivers are fantastic….they have agreed to carry all costs for his care. He has been there for almost a month and had many anaesthetics so it could have cost us a small fortune…..Thank goodness for wonderful people like yourself, Moholoholo and Three Rivers Vets who are so willing to care for these helpless creatures….


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