and finally, freedom……

Early this morning I got a call from Moholoholo to let me know that Porky was ready to come home.  They had one final request though – that the whole team come across to my farm with Porky and watch the release.  I was thrilled to be able to share this precious moment with the volunteers, trainee vets and vet nurses, and other Moholoholo staff who all took such careful care of this badly injured porcupine.

Here is the team on the farm (with Porky in the red box)

I do not have words that can explain the following pictures. I do not have words that explain what it feels like to see this and to be there when a creature that was so badly hurt is returned to the wild where he belongs.  I will let the pictures speak.

Run Porky, run free…….

Read more about Porky on the following links:


8 thoughts on “and finally, freedom……

  1. Oh, Jacquie, what a beautiful story! I´m very glad for Porky and it`s good to know that sometimes things turn to a Happy end, due to people like you, the Moholoholo team and the sponsors from Pick&Pay. Well done and thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks to Jacqui, sponsor Pick&Pay and the dedicated staff and volunteers @ Moholoholo. You have done a splendid job of saving Porky. I hope this story reaches deep into the hearts of many so that many more animals who are the unfortunate victims of snares can be saved and returned to their rightful place in nature.


  3. Happy endings! This is my favourite read of the year. Jackie you truly are a beautiful soul. What a great bunch of people that are surrounded by too. xx


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