Cartoon art challenge – final pictures

Our “Artful Cartoon” challenge finished after the first week in August and I have been remiss in blogging about it.  You can read the details of the challenge here.

Although cartoons are really not my thing when it comes to painting, this challenge tested our creativity more than any of our previous challenges.  The test was to reproduce a cartoon in your own style and medium – creating a work of art.

Here is my attempt – I called it “the little mermaid grows up” and I painted it in acrylic on board.

As you can see from the picture below we got so many unusual and creative entries. From wall clocks to skateboards, paint shopped images to Popeye and Picasso.

A collage of the other entries

The piece of art that won the popular vote was a painting of Spiderman’s hand on a skateboard done by Jamey Richards.

Excellent detail.  Congratulations Jamey!

To join our art challenges or to just follow along (although we love everyone to join in – no matter what level) please join our Facebook group – Free your Art  


7 thoughts on “Cartoon art challenge – final pictures

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge too, even though it pushed my limits at times. And my favourite 3 all came in the top 3 vote…Jackie being one of them :). Now I am left asking what do I do with these “alternative” artworks now that they are done?


  2. I liked the examples. Though I think Popeeye looks better clean shaven. I appreciate the innovation of a bearded spinach eating sailor man. The Sci Fi super heroes were fun to see.


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