Onion Harvest

Onions have turned out to be the most complicated of all my crops this season. It took many questions and a handy book from my farmer friend (and now boyfriend šŸ™‚ )

Finally after 8 long months of growing, I have harvested my onions.Ā  I did pick and eat quite a few through the season as onions can be eaten at any time during their growing cycle.

One has to wait for 70% of your crops leaves to fall over, then bend over the remaining leaves and leave the bulbs in place in the soil for 7-10 days to go dormant.Ā  During these 7-10 days you may not water them and it must not rain (ha – try explaining that to my weather). You then pull them and leave them in full sun for one day and then outside in a warm, shaded, dry area for another week or so.Ā  Then you can plait them and store them in a dark dry area for many months.

It seems some of mine have gone dormant well but those with thick stems have not dried out yet.Ā  I think they might end up getting chopped and frozen.

I must say that I have been very impressed with the size of some of them.



9 thoughts on “Onion Harvest

  1. Hooray for onions! Here in the Northern US we plant onions in early May and harvest them in September so the growing season is a little shorter. Our onions grow during summer. For you it is winter, I believe. Looks like you had a bountiful crop! šŸ™‚


    • Hello Beth – yes – most of my crops grow in winter here because it is so hot over december and January although I am going to be experimenting using extra shade cloth and lots of water. In winter I have to grow in 40%shade cover – so I think I will up it to 60% and and see. I know lettuce won’t make it.


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