Mr A

When I first moved to Hoedspruit my life was all planned and organised – I knew what I wanted and how I was going to get it. At this time I met Mr A. He was an estate agent (and a lawyer and an insurance broker) and he showed us a farm that we fell in love with on the spot.  The negotiations on the property were prolonged and difficult and during this time my relationship with my partner shattered. Mr A was just always there helping me along, getting the property sorted out once I decided I still wanted to buy it and he also started to introduce me to art lessons and poetry groups etc to get me socialized. Always such a strong supporter and promoter of this blog. If I needed anything he knew who I could contact and he had their numbers. He seemed to know EVERYONE in our area and he slowly introduced me to so many of them who are still wonderful friends. He instinctively knew where I would “fit” and helped me along till I was back on my feet. As time passed Mr A also met someone special and I was so happy to watch him fall in love and find such peace and happiness within himself. It shone from him and it attracted people to him. Children especially loved him and he ALWAYS had time to listen. And he really listened…… .

Sadly Mr A passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this last weekend. He was with his love and many of his friends when it happened.  Our whole town is in a state of shock and mourning for this wonderful man.

We are really going to miss you Mr A. RIP my dear friend.

Memorial service: van Rensburg hall – Hoedspruit – Sat 28 Sept 10h00

Sincere condolences to Bianca, his love, Henry and Emma,his children, and to the rest of the Smith and Wiggill families.


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