Farewell Hoedspruit

LeavingThe 29th of August was exactly five years to the day that I arrived in Hoedspruit.  By pure co-incidence, it is also the day that I packed good old Cleo into the car and we left again.  It was bittersweet.  This town has been amazing and the people have become such close friends.  When I was a city dweller I never knew as many folk as I got to know in this wonderful little town.

These five years have been life changing in many ways. I learned to live a simple life. I learned how to live all on my very own, and I learned a huge amount about myself and how I function. I also learned about what i value and what I want from life.

Yet I still leave with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. You see, I am off on a new adventure.

It’s been a while since I last posted and many things have happened. Most importantly I met the man who asked me to marry him last weekend. I said yes.

The result of this is that I move 3 hours away from Hoedspruit to another province called Mpumalanga to the capital city of Nelspruit (Mbombela).  Luckily I am marrying a farmer so we get to live on a farm a short way from the small city and we are also going to be looking to buy our own farm in the area.

I am hoping to blog again on a regular basis about our new adventure and about discovering Mbombela.  Wish me luck!



15 thoughts on “Farewell Hoedspruit

  1. I’m so glad I received this post, bring you full circle! I remember how you and Bean set out to live off the land, and now with Bean on her way, you have, again, started a new chapter! Very inspiring, and I hope to hear more about it. As I am sure you will miss the area, your home and the animals you have encountered, I am sure that you will have a lot more to share with those of us who have followed you to South Africa on your “adventure,” and I for one continue to look forward to how your new life continues to unfold.


  2. We’re going to miss you but I am so glad you’ve started writing your blog again. This way we can still feel like we’re a part of your life xxx


  3. Look forward to you blogging more often, even though I see you on Facebook. 🙂 There’s something special about the way you express yourself. I nearly cried reading this blog even though we had your farewell / engagement party here. Miss you already! ❤


  4. Beaucoup de bonheur ! lots of happiness!! We were in Nelspruit in 2001 – lots of things must have changed since then. We will be back to the area next february – I can’t wait to be there!


    • It was and still is an awesome home. I still own it and its just two and a half hours away so I am glad we can still visit it for now – who knows where we end up when we retire 🙂 I am also so excited to find our new farm and settle in and get going with my farming which does help me move on.


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