Views of our new home

Every weekend we try to get our dogs out for a good run.  This past weekend I took a few photos so show our new environment.  This is the farm we currently live on.  The trees without leaves are mostly pecan nut trees and the leafy ones are avocado trees.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed our walk/run/drive


As soon as things start greening up a bit these views will change so much. I look forward to taking more pictures as that happens.


I hope you enjoyed the tour – let me know what you think.


11 thoughts on “Views of our new home

  1. Oh, it is lovely to see what your new home surroundings look like! I have questions: do you have snakes in those water ditches, do you have ticks in the long grass, is the local wildlife similar to where you lived before? Also, forgive my stupidity but I never knew that avocados grew on trees, for some obscure reason I thought they grew on bushes. Keep the photos coming,I love to see peoples’ homes and different countryside: thanks:)


    • Hello 🙂 Yes we have snakes and ticks here too being a rural environment and we are still right next to the Kruger national Park where we can see all the wild animals. I no longer have them in my yard though except a few buck, bunnies and the odd leopard passing through.


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