Persistent Plumeria

Tiny House’s garden needs quite a bit of attention.  We have not done much since we moved in, firstly because it’s a rental and secondly we won’t be here very long. We have a lovely frangipani (plumeria) in the middle of the garden perched on a rock.  When we moved in it was completely dry without any leaves and had dropped a few large branches which were lying on the ground.  As spring progressed it started producing leaves and lovely fragrant flowers.

It is one of my favorite trees in the garden.  Recently I noticed that one big branch that had fallen (or was broken) off and lying under the tree had also started to sprout leaves.  It is not in the soil at all and has not made any small roots into the ground.  It must just be running on reserves.

I have left it for over a month now and it still keeps on going.  I would like to try to help the poor branch seeing it is so persistent.  Do I put it in a bucket of water or should I just shove the end in the ground?


21 thoughts on “Persistent Plumeria

  1. It is a big branch. You could try sticking it into the soil and watering it frequently but you might have better success if you trim the branch and try rooting cuttings taken close to the area that is budding. Cuttings are more likely to root in sandy soil.


  2. Do plant the broken piece into the ground – or a pot! If you put it into water, it will likely as not drown. This type of plant can rot very easily, so enjoy your bonus!


  3. For propogation, treat fragipani as you would a succulent. Take the cutting during spring/summer, leave in a dry place about a week or so, until a callous forms on the cut end. Then place the cutting in a well drained potting medium or compost and sand that drains well, and keep moist. Once roots form, transplant to a garden spot. You can also take cuttings and drop them off at #70, and enjoy a glass of wine under them for many years to come. 🙂


  4. Hello – I read your post on the botanical gardens in Nelspruit and put it on our to do list for our trip in february! Could you give its precise location … the website is not very clear!
    I love your blog!


    • Yes I see the address is a bit vague but they are really easy to find as they are just off the main road (R40) in Riverside and are well sign posted. They are located just behind the Riverside Mall.


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