Welcome to iNoyka Gallery

For the past year, I, along with a few other Hoedspruit artists, have been busy setting up an artists co-operative and gallery in Hoedspruit. It has been a labour of love with everyone pitching in to paint, drill, weld, wash and waterproof an old building – converting it into an art gallery.



Finally after months and months of preparation we are ready for our grand opening on the 19th September.  Art by member artists from the whole region will be displayed for sale and there will also be an art auction to raise funds for the gallery.  We are proud to have some well known local artists exhibiting in this amazing space.

Please make every effort to join us on the 19th just outside Hoedspruit for a wonderful evening of art, wine-tasting, live music and delicious snacks.

If you are a local artist who would be interested in joining our co-op, please contact us on info@inyokagallery.com  



Mr A

When I first moved to Hoedspruit my life was all planned and organised – I knew what I wanted and how I was going to get it. At this time I met Mr A. He was an estate agent (and a lawyer and an insurance broker) and he showed us a farm that we fell in love with on the spot.  The negotiations on the property were prolonged and difficult and during this time my relationship with my partner shattered. Mr A was just always there helping me along, getting the property sorted out once I decided I still wanted to buy it and he also started to introduce me to art lessons and poetry groups etc to get me socialized. Always such a strong supporter and promoter of this blog. If I needed anything he knew who I could contact and he had their numbers. He seemed to know EVERYONE in our area and he slowly introduced me to so many of them who are still wonderful friends. He instinctively knew where I would “fit” and helped me along till I was back on my feet. As time passed Mr A also met someone special and I was so happy to watch him fall in love and find such peace and happiness within himself. It shone from him and it attracted people to him. Children especially loved him and he ALWAYS had time to listen. And he really listened…… .

Sadly Mr A passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this last weekend. He was with his love and many of his friends when it happened.  Our whole town is in a state of shock and mourning for this wonderful man.

We are really going to miss you Mr A. RIP my dear friend.

Memorial service: van Rensburg hall – Hoedspruit – Sat 28 Sept 10h00

Sincere condolences to Bianca, his love, Henry and Emma,his children, and to the rest of the Smith and Wiggill families.


One of my friends here in Hoedspruit, Sarah, is involved with two charities mainly working with impoverished communities and children. Last week she was introduced to the Khutsong Center in Acornhoek  – just down the main road from our town.

Khutsong means “rest” in one of our local languages, and the Khutsong Center is just that – a place for 13 elderly people from rural villages to rest for their last days. It’s an incredibly poor project with a ramshackle hut that houses the eleven women and two men who are being taken care of. One of the aged is disabled and many are bedridden.

This is what Sarah says “……….. their gentle smiles have really tugged at my heart, and I would love to be able to make them feel, just for one day,on Christmas, that the world has not forgotten them………………………”

So what we are going to do is put together thirteen Christmas hampers for these wonderful old folk.  We need to include basic items such as tooth brushes and toothpaste and soap, a facecloth, some Vaseline, a blanket, something nice to make them feel good like a scarf or clothing item and then a few treats like biscuits and crisps.

If you would like to contribute in any way we would really appreciate your help.

Please contact Sarah at sarahdawnbergs@gmail.com if you can assist with any of the items.  Financial contributions can be made to  :

Paypal donations can be sent to nourish.org.za@gmail.com


Bank details : nourish NPO, First National Bank,  account 62321718324, Hatfield branch number 252145. Reference OLD AGE ( and ur name ) or email a proof of payment to sarahdawnbergs@gmail.com

Photo’s courtesy of Sarah Bergs.

I will write another post on this center when we go to hand these folk their Christmas hampers. I can’t wait to see their faces!

An introduction to another blogger from Hoedspruit.

I have not met many people in Hoedspruit who write blogs. I guess there are so many other things to do here.  A week or two ago my friends from the US were here (the lads who gave me my wonderful camera) and they introduced me to the people who they rent part of their home to.

Michaela and Ian are a wonderful young couple who have recently gone through an awful ordeal, and Michaela has written a blog about their difficult journey. Through her blog she has been able to raise most of the funds to pay her huge hospital bills although they will still be needing a bit more to get back on their feet.

It is written beautifully and from the heart and I hope you will pop in to her blog and leave a message of encouragement.

You, me and the big C by Michaela Shoebotham

Matikinya Primary

This is the school where I painted one of my murals.  Childrens Eco Training has sponsored the community gardens, the new school hall and the Eco classroom where I painted my mural.  Although this school is dirt poor, one can see that they still take so much pride in their teaching environment.  There is still quite a bit to be done and lots of equipment needed for this school.

Matikinya Primary School – Acornhoek

I’ll let the pictures tell the story.




and finally, freedom……

Early this morning I got a call from Moholoholo to let me know that Porky was ready to come home.  They had one final request though – that the whole team come across to my farm with Porky and watch the release.  I was thrilled to be able to share this precious moment with the volunteers, trainee vets and vet nurses, and other Moholoholo staff who all took such careful care of this badly injured porcupine.

Here is the team on the farm (with Porky in the red box)

I do not have words that can explain the following pictures. I do not have words that explain what it feels like to see this and to be there when a creature that was so badly hurt is returned to the wild where he belongs.  I will let the pictures speak.

Run Porky, run free…….

Read more about Porky on the following links:

Art challenge – day 3: Progress

If you have just stumbled across this post, please read about the challenge here, and about day 1 and 2 here.

Day 3 seems to have been much more productive and we have some interesting pictures to see.

By now you will have a good idea of what the paintings are of, using the colours from one artist and the structure from the other you can easily build the picture in your head.

We would love to hear your thoughts so far.

Art challenge – day 2

Well day one was a complete disaster with both artists procrastinating  – seems this is standard before starting a picture.  Dogs got washed and banking and budgets took preference and even getting a lawn cut came first.  A good way to get those disliked chores out of the way.

Guilt ridden and worried about time, both ladies got going quite early on their paintings on day 2.  Much discussion via Blackberry messenger took place and by the end of the day they should have had something to show for it.

Here are their results.

This artist drew her picture

and then promptly painted over it to rid herself of the white canvas

so now she has left it to dry and will start drawing all over again – tomorrow hopefully. Time is short.

Our other artist didn’t even bother to draw anything but just started with splodges of colour.

and gave up by midday.

Interesting to note the two different techniques and also that they have chosen different orientations (landscape vs portrait) to depict the same picture.

Lets hope they get themselves into gear and have something more to show soon!