When I was a child I watched a movie where a man was released from prison after many years.  It was not like prison is these days with TV. He had no idea about how the world had changed while he was in jail.  I remember wondering what that must have been like for him.  I think I am finding out in a small way.

I never realized how sheltered I have been over the past 5 years living on the farm without TV and no interest in following the news and hardly ever going to the city.

Living in the city now I point out new marvels to B who frowns at me strangely and says I have been hiding under a rock 🙂

Things I have not seen.

Really cute looking cars like this Nissan Juke

Over dressed trees

I was kindly told about yarn bombing by a friend  – never heard of it!

Bent TV’s

well I never!

Another thing is the parkrun.  These have apparently been around for 10 years (worldwide).

B and I have joined up and do our parkrun through a farm nearby every Saturday morning (I walk for now).  Our aim is to get a lot fitter than we are.  I am surprised that I am really enjoying it and look forward to each outing.

For those of you who don’t know much about them, you just register online (for free) – print out your barcode and then go running (or walking) at a parkrun venue. It’s always 5 km at 8 am.  You will, in the course of Saturday, get an email giving you your time, information about the field you ran in and where you placed within your age group and overall so it’s a nice easy way to work on improving your time each week.  For more information see

Picture of the Hall’s Parkrun in Mbombela from crossing the Crocodile river

Is there anything you have missed out on and never knew existed?


Views of our new home

Every weekend we try to get our dogs out for a good run.  This past weekend I took a few photos so show our new environment.  This is the farm we currently live on.  The trees without leaves are mostly pecan nut trees and the leafy ones are avocado trees.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed our walk/run/drive


As soon as things start greening up a bit these views will change so much. I look forward to taking more pictures as that happens.


I hope you enjoyed the tour – let me know what you think.