A special day

This photo is one of my favorites  – taken in 1966.

It’s me and my dad.

(No comments about my big head, lack of hair and teeth etc. please.)

Today is a really special day for me.  It’s my dads birthday.  Last year I was lucky enough to spend the day with him. He was very ill at the time and I was very worried that it would be the last birthday I spent with him. Doctors said we didn’t have much time.

Through answered prayer and with the help of some alternative medicine and a lot of commitment to his healthcare (and amazing support from my step-mum) my dad is doing so very well. He seems like a new man.  Well, nearly new 🙂


Birthday time

Tomorrow my Bean turns 18

Party preparations are well underway – it is going to be a little different to any of her other parties.  Friends will meet at the farm and then go on a sundowner game drive and spend some time at the river.  When they return the dinner will be set up outside under the huge Marula tree next to the swimming pool.  The colour theme is black, white and red.  We will have candles and fairy lights.  The meal – Italian starters, Japanese main course and something oozing chocolate for dessert – the Bean’s favorite foods.  There will be a bonfire burning all night and they will be sleeping around the fire weather permitting.

Happy birthday my angel