Weekend moves

This weekend I am going to be very busy at the Sustainable Living Festival.  I will try to take some interesting pictures to show you next week.  I am also going to a braai (bbq) – wish me luck – this is my first social venture out to become more sociable and get to know folk in the area since I have been single.  It’s a little scary.  I will only know one person there.

Here are some pictures taken on the property as well as the surrounding area of Hoedspruit.  They are courtesy of W so I feature in a few.  Photos of me are very rare on this blog. If you want to know more information about anything featured in the pictures be sure to leave a message in the comments.  Have a great weekend!

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Chasing the moon

If you follow this blog in detail, you will, by now, know who the handsome estate agent is.  Don’t let his looks fool you though folks – this man is a slave driver!  His normally accurate information let me down this morning when I was FORCED to get up at 4.30 am to photograph the moon over the mountain.  I have been waiting for this for WEEKS.  Well dear Mr Handsome Estate Agent – the moon did not get near my mountain!  I walked, ran and finally drove all over the reserve trying to get the right angle.  Bah!

A walk on the wild side

Early on Saturday morning W and I headed out into the bush for a walk.  If you get up early enough there is always so much to see before it gets too hot.

Within the first 2 minutes we found our resident herd of Wildebeest (Gnu).  They have this strange snorting sound they make when they see us – we snort back.

A recent visitor of ours from Europe commented that so much emphasis is placed on the Big 5, that many tourists miss out on all the interesting small stuff.  We find that the longer we spend in the bush, the more fascinating the small things become.

Like these ants crossing the road

There weren’t that many of them but they are huge!  These giants are called Matabele ants.

Once they have passed by, you can see the track that they leave – it looks similar to a snake track but is normally much straighter.

Next up, Zebra spotted us

I’m not sure why, but for some strange reason I get the feeling that our Zebras are just really stupid.  They don’t run when they should, and run off for no reason when nothing is threatening them.  They also seem to have that kinda “vacant” stare in their eyes.  Anyway, we were still glad to see them.

There were many spiders about.  I really struggle, with my happy snappy camera, to take decent photo’s of spiders on webs – it’s a focus thing.  I was quite happy with this shot.

I do not have a spider book yet, so have not been able to ID it {hint, hint}.  Hopefully one of my FGASA course mates who were on training with me will be able to help out? {if they read my blog} My photo doesn’t show its colours very well – it had some really bright orange stripes on it. [edit:  Spider identified as a Golden Orb Web spider]

When we walk, even if we don’t see any animals, we have good fun tracking spoor, teasing antlions and identifying poop.  Sounds stimulating doesn’t it?

Gnu poo

This is a trap dug by an antlion larva.  The sides are really steep and when ants walk into the trap, they fall to the bottom where the larva gobbles them up.  Antlions are called Doodlebugs in America.

We play with them using a piece of grass – by moving the grains of sand they think they have an ant and they pounce – making a little puff of sand.

This is what they look like


1 is the larvae and 2 is the adult antlion

And finally, near the end of our walk we found these two at it

Songololo porn

These millipedes do this         All     Over     The      Place     at the moment.  You need to walk around with blinkers on.  As you can see it looks more like kissing because their reproductive bits are found on the second segment from the head.  When they walk around they leave mini trails like this.

I took quite a few more pictures of animal poop but I think you have seen all your stomachs can handle for one day.