One of my friends here in Hoedspruit, Sarah, is involved with two charities mainly working with impoverished communities and children. Last week she was introduced to the Khutsong Center in Acornhoek  – just down the main road from our town.

Khutsong means “rest” in one of our local languages, and the Khutsong Center is just that – a place for 13 elderly people from rural villages to rest for their last days. It’s an incredibly poor project with a ramshackle hut that houses the eleven women and two men who are being taken care of. One of the aged is disabled and many are bedridden.

This is what Sarah says “……….. their gentle smiles have really tugged at my heart, and I would love to be able to make them feel, just for one day,on Christmas, that the world has not forgotten them………………………”

So what we are going to do is put together thirteen Christmas hampers for these wonderful old folk.  We need to include basic items such as tooth brushes and toothpaste and soap, a facecloth, some Vaseline, a blanket, something nice to make them feel good like a scarf or clothing item and then a few treats like biscuits and crisps.

If you would like to contribute in any way we would really appreciate your help.

Please contact Sarah at if you can assist with any of the items.  Financial contributions can be made to  :

Paypal donations can be sent to


Bank details : nourish NPO, First National Bank,  account 62321718324, Hatfield branch number 252145. Reference OLD AGE ( and ur name ) or email a proof of payment to

Photo’s courtesy of Sarah Bergs.

I will write another post on this center when we go to hand these folk their Christmas hampers. I can’t wait to see their faces!

Update on Tristan Smit

For those of you who have been following Project Tristan (see link on the right hand side of this blog page) here is a letter from Tristan’s mother.

From Mommy Helen:

Hi all. Today was Tristan’s last proton therapy. I can not believe that 32 sessions just flew past. Today he graduated. It was a great moment. My angel just always takes everything in his stride. He loved going to proton therapy.

Today we ate cake and he hit the gong. I was so proud of him…

We are still collecting funds for his treatment.  If you are interested in donating please follow the links on the right.

Thank you so much to all who have already donated and also for all the prayers and good wishes.

First delivery

My apologies for not posting yesterday – my blogging time was spent taking our first delivery of goodies to Hlengiwe and her friends.  The children’s mothers have arranged for a caregiver to look after the children during the day at their homes. For now, that is the best we could do until such time as these women get birth certificates for their children and identity documents for themselves.  Our delivery was small but most welcome – a few girls clothes and some toys and a little food.We want to also supplement their protein intake so will be providing some eggs, cheese and meat.  I took a few pictures so that you can see the pathway that Hlengiwe constantly escapes down as well as the conditions in which she, and the other children and families live.

Picture 006

Above you can see Charlie and Fanuel ahead of me.

Picture 012

Picture 011

This is Thandiwe. She is a little chatterbox and seems to be the most confident of all the children – although she does not speak English she is the one the other children look to, to communicate with us.  She is as bright as a button, is usually the cleanest and best dressed child there.

Picture 009

Despite all of this, these kiddies are so happy and full of laughter and fun.

Picture 010

Hlengiwe was in a really bad mood when we got there as she is no longer allowed to run away.  She was sitting on a little stool scowling at the wall. She was in the same clothes that we left her in on Friday and she had a wet bottom (no pampers/nappies here.) This is the first time we have seen her with shoes on.

Thank you to all of of you who have committed to helping these children.  It is greatly appreciated.