And when tomorrow comes….

Tomorrow is the 1st of September.  Traditionally celebrated as spring day here in South Africa.  Our weather is normally warming up, birds are returning, and trees are budding and blossoming. Schools and businesses normally celebrate by encouraging students and/or staff to wear bright colours. It’s such a cheerful day.

This morning I caught my first whiff of orange blossoms.  Hoedspruit has the most amazing orange blossom smell for a week or two in spring time.

Tomorrow, however, I am going to be doing spring day a little differently.

If you have followed some of my recent posts on rhino poaching you will know what an awful problem we have here in SA. It’s time we grabbed this problem – all of us – and sorted it out.  There has been a lot of talk, and quite a bit of money raised – but what is going to stop the poaching?  We need to raise the awareness of this issue, from a national level to an international level and things need to get done. Soon we will only be able to show our children and grandchildren pictures of these amazing beasts because there won’t be any left.

South Africans (and people all around the world) are uniting tomorrow on spring day to bring about awareness of the rapidly depleting rhino population in South Africa and asking the government to take a serious stand against poaching of rhinos.

I am wearing black tomorrow and will tie a black ribbon around the right hand mirror of my car.  Many South Africans (and others around the world) are doing this to show poachers that the people of South Africa will stand together and say no to poaching.

There is a Facebook event with more information which can be accessed if you click here.

Will you be joining me?