Honey hunny

While I was away at the iNyoka Gallery opening B gave me a call to see how things were going and mentioned that he had a present for me. Now that in itself is quite unusual (not in a nasty way) as we are not big gift givers and tend to stick to birthdays for that kind of thing.  My mind rushed in two different directions.  Firstly a few flashbacks to hideous gifts I have received from beaus in the past like garish plastic gold earrings when I don’t ever wear gold, or a dress two sizes too big or a kitchen pot 🙂 Then secondly I got really excited because I am a girl after all and I LOVE surprises and thoughtful gifts.

By the time I got home he seemed to have forgotten though so I just kept quiet hoping that something would just pop up.

On opening the fridge to prepare dinner I spotted a large tub of margarine. Now I really can’t stand margarine and believe in the goodness of butter and had thought that I had brainwashed  trained B enough to get him off the darn stuff.  I opened my big mouth and started my “margarine is plastic” speech when he gently told me that the tub was my gift.  What???  Really??  I gingerly opened the tub hoping against hope that it did not contain margarine.

Surprise surprise guess what I got!  This man is so precious and knows me so well!

Organic litchi honey from the litchi orchards from one of the farms. Still in the comb.

Now most of you who follow my blog will know this is such a “me” gift.

I have spotted quite a few bee boxes on the farm that we stay on and B told me that one of the farm managers is very interested in bee keeping and that they have very many hives which they use on the farms.  Currently, they still have to bring in extra bees for all the pollination of 350 hectares of avocados and also about 100 hectares of litchis but they hope to eventually have enough of their own.

Because they are still splitting hives and multiplying their bees they do not harvest much honey at all so I was really lucky to get a bit.

Also, attached to this gift, was the promise of me going to learn how to split hives and do some beekeeping which I have been keen to learn.  I can’t wait!

I will most certainly take my camera and share with you all when I go.  Now I need to think of all the questions I want to ask the bee expert. Let me know if you have any bee questions you would like answered.


About new friends and being spoiled rotten.

About a year back I received a comment or two from a gentleman in the USA on my blog.  He seemed interested in purchasing a property in my neighbourhood and he had 1010 questions to ask me.  It was great fun answering his questions and getting to know him.  His name is Dave.

Dave has become a loyal and faithful follower of my blog. Over the year he and his partner Todd have been buying a house in a nearby reserve, and finally this month, they arrived to take possession of their new home.  It has really been grand getting know them, show them my farm and get to see theirs.

Dave also introduced me to Heather who also lives on their reserve.  You may remember Heather from my previous posts on our painting challenge. Heather paints with her mouth.

Here are Heather and I at Dave and Todd’s new home

Do you see the bottle on Heather’s table.  That is “sunshine in a bottle” – a solar light that I have been lusting after for so long.  Dave and Todd gave Heather and I a few each as a gift.  I am so thrilled with them.

One thing Dave took note of when reading my blog was my incessent complaining about my little camera, so before he and Todd left to return to the US on Thursday, he gave me this:

Can you believe it?  Along with another fancy schmancy long lens.  I am so spoiled!

I have now been tasked with getting some good pictures up onto this little blog.  I have lots to learn.

Thanks Dave and Todd!!!!  Can’t wait for you to get back in October.

Homemade gifts

This year I decided to give homemade gifts to my family for Christmas.  My reasoning was not purely from a financial perspective but also from a green/recycling angle as well as how much fun and love goes into making things for loved ones.  I have been dying to show you what we made but had to wait till everyone had their gifts.

The Bean and I made some homemade tomato and basil jam which we wrapped up – a bottle for everyone.

We  gave each of the girls a homemade recycled handbag made from old curtains.  These were made for us by my colleague Charlie – a trade and barter deal.

and for my dad I painted this painting

I think this has been the most rewarding Christmas ever – I so enjoyed preparing the gifts.

Did you make any of your gifts?  I would love to hear about them.

Edit:   There is a great recipe for a homemade scented hand scrub in the comments of this post. Thanks Greg.