How big is your baby?

Spring time is a time of rebirth and renewal and much focus is given to cute bouncing bundles of joy like this one


and in our area, babies like these…

(picture of a local postcard)


Yesterday I was out looking at other babies.  Subtropical fruit babies.

This is an avocado pear


and some baby mangoes

 a litchi

and some oranges (not on the farm we live on)

So here is what I am pondering…………

All of the above fruit trees blossom and start bearing fruit around the same time (spring)

We will be eating the mangoes and litchis by the end of this year  (3-4 months to mature ripe fruit depending on cultivar) yet the avocados and oranges will only be ripe and ready in 6-11 months time (winter fruit for us).

Why would some fruit be able to ripen and mature so fast and others take so long?


Mango mania

As many of you know, I work on a farm in a fruit packhouse.  Because I manage quality control, I am constantly running up and down the warehouse – controlling and checking.  In citrus season (winter) this is very invigorating because one is constantly surrounded by the zingy aroma of citrus oils.  In summer we pack mangoes. It gets rather hot in the packhouse and after days and days of spending time with zillions of mangoes you get a little icky.  The sweet cloying smell permeates your skin and clothes – it is really intense, especially when it is hot and humid.

At the beginning of the season we all used to eat a mango at tea time – yum.  This morning when I got my mango I didn’t want to eat it – yesterday I only ate half.  It’s the smell of them that gets to me now. I wonder if I will ever eat one again?

Mango time

Today we start packing mangoes at the packhouse (where I work).  I was dreading it because we have been very quiet between citrus and mango season. As the buzz started this morning, and I started running around again, I realised that I really like that part of my job.

I may not be posting as regularly as I have been, but will be here as often as I can.

Have a wonderful 2011 – it’s going to be  a great year.