Spring on the mountain

Each time I go up the mountains here, I am totally floored by the amazing plants in bloom.  Besides the flora being totally different to that of the surrounding lowveld, there are new things to see in every nook and cranny all year round.

It’s the first time I have been up when there has been a significant amount of cloud cover and also my first time in early spring.

Our national flower, the protea, is in full bloom.

Sue enjoying the view midst small protea plants.

Transvaal bottlebrush

other little bits of colourThis little plant was growing in a crack in a rockSome kind of wild cucumber type vineClivias growing in the fork of a tree

Coral tree bloom (we have these all over the place right now – not just on the mountain)

It was super having Rose with us as she could tell us just about every Latin name for each and every plant – I want to be able to do that one day – she’s awesome.

I can’t wait to go up the mountains again, yet I know they will look so very different again.  We noticed that there were hundreds and hundreds of clivias in the forests on the slopes of the mountain – I want to go up when they are in flower – what an awesome sight that will be. Now I just need to find out when they flower here.


On top of the world, looking down on creation…

Wow, living with 6, now 5 young adults is hectic.  Don’t worry, I didn’t kill one.  The Bean’s boyfriend is not with us all the time that’s all!  Thanks to a brilliant chef/cook/recipe book author/ friend of mine, all our food has been pre-prepared for us.

Today I took them all up to the peak of our highest mountain here, Mariepskop. I have previously posted about this wonderful place which you can read here for more info.

They had an absolute ball.  Here they all are having a picnic lunch.

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Note our visitors from Belgium are dressed for summer and the local resident girls are freezing. It was about 19 deg C but with a nippy breeze blowing every now and then.

Michael the goat

Michael was a rock climbing natural and just seemed to cling to rocks like a goat.

Getting to the best sitting rock

Only four were brave enough to climb to the best sitting rock in the world.  Two of us remained behind to photgraph the clamber.

Finally there

On top of the world

I took the following picture for fellow blogger Heather (2Summers) who loves rock formations and seeing shapes in rocks. She recently dedicated a whole blog post to rocks!

What do you see?

and finally some trick photography….


I’m not too sure how I captured this, he was just clambering around and when I downloaded the photos I saw him mid-air.
Wish us luck for the rest of the week, we will be visiting quite a few different places.

Crazy bunch 🙂