Meet Cleo

Cleo used to be a companion dog to an old lady who passed away.  She was taken over by her builder who developed a particularly strong bond with her. They lived happily together until the builder packed his bags and left the farm he was working on. He left Cleo alone at the farm. For months Cleo would sit on the road from where she saw her master leave, crying for him to come home. He never did.  The farm owner has been feeding Cleo for six months now but can’t take her home because he already has three dogs who would fight with her. He says he has never seen such a well behaved dog but she is pining for company.

The Bean and I have decided that we would  like to take Cleo in and give her a happy loving home.  We fetch her tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait!

Insomnia in the bush

What does one do when you are all alone in your cottage in the middle of the bush and you can’t sleep?

I read. If I don’t have a book I check my email, facebook and blog comments on my cellphone.  I normally fall asleep quickly so I don’t have a back-up plan after that.

Last night I ran out of options.

So I had an impromptu photo shoot on my bed 🙂  Isn’t he sweet?

PS:  The mosquitoes have stopped now so his poor nose should heal up in a week or two.

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