I love going shopping in Belgium..

well, my version of shopping in Belgium anyway.

When we moved to Hoedspruit from Belgium we stored our furniture and boxes in an old farm-house on the game farm where I was purchasing my piece of the farm.  For a few months we lived in a caravan and then in a small tented house on the farm.  During this period I was not working yet, so most of my time was spent in the bush and it was very, very hot so I dressed accordingly, mainly in T-shirts and shorts.  The way I dress here is very different to the way I dressed in my corporate Belgian life so my boxes of clothes pretty much remained all boxed up in the farm-house and I started a small collection of more casual clothes.

Because of my choice to live more frugally, I very rarely purchase any clothes and my wardrobe is small.  I used to love clothes shopping when I was richer but I have found now that I get so much more pleasure out of the small gifts of clothing I get occasionally from friends and family.  My sister brought a big bag of skinny clothes for me when she came to visit as I had lost 9kg’s after my relationship broke up.  It was like Christmas for me, firstly to have so many new clothes and secondly because my sister has always had such lovely taste in clothes.  I am pathetic at buying clothes that suit me and my dress sense is not good. This way I have some really nice garments without going through the angst.

The Bean and I have now found a great past time which we call “going shopping in Belgium”.  About once every two months we go to the old farm-house and go through our old clothes from overseas and fish out an item or two that we can still use.  It is great fun and brings back so many memories from our old life. It also saves me a fortune.

The next logical step for me is to get a sewing machine so that I can start altering our other Belgian clothes that are now just too big for me and too small for the Bean. I think I may just cut some up and start making new garments with the material.  I will also use some to trade and barter with friends here.

It still amazes me how my mind-set has changed and how comfortable I am with the choices I have made.  If you had told me a few years ago that I would be using recycled clothes and living a frugal life I would most probably have laughed in your face.