It’s all about food…..

Everything I have been doing lately is all about food and it has been so much fun.  My first batch of vegetables are finally planted. This has been two years in the planning so it’s a big thing for me.  They are all safe and sound, away from browsing animals and the baking sun in their little cool cloth house.  I made raised beds using recycled broken vegetable crates with shade cloth liners.

Functional but not very pretty. I will be cutting off all the excess cloth to neaten things up a bit.

My whole food healthy eating plan is continuing well and I am feeling a difference already.  yesterday we had this super fritata for breakfast

and made some homemade cold drink using rosella flowers and lemon grass.  It turns bright red once it has been in the fridge for an hour or two, sweetened with a touch of honey and absolutely delicious.

so much food on my mind, I even painted a cabbage 🙂

This painting is one of six macro paintings I am doing to hang as a group in my kitchen. They are on stretched canvas so will not need to be framed.  I have also completed one of a slice of lemon but I am not happy with it.

I wonder how many other people have ever painted a cabbage 🙂


A dream coming true.

Since I moved to my farm one of my priorities has been to become as self-sustainable as possible. Last winter I attempted growing some vegetables. I only had one bed and although I got some rocket, tomatoes and a few leeks I fought an ongoing battle with heat, hippos, buck and a zillion creepy crawlies (and my cat who thought it was his giant litter box).

In our climate it is ideal to have a cool or shaded house to grow veggies.  I have been lucky enough to have been able to trade some old fence poles and fencing with a local farmer and friend Alf. He is building me a shade-cloth house.  The work began on Saturday and should be finished in the next week or two.  Just in time for me to start as our main growing season which starts in February, going right through our winter and into spring. Not much grows between November and January when we have our hottest months.

Here are a few pictures of the veggie house going up.  90% of the resources used to build it are recycled which fits into my plans perfectly.  Now I just have to find 50 old broken plastic crates as I will be using them as beds. I have to line them with old shade cloth too so I am also searching for bits and pieces from local farmers.

As you can see, it looks like a big cloth tent.  It is stitched onto the frame.  We just need to get the sides up and the gate put in and it will be ready for service.  At last I can begin growing my food in earnest.