Sustainable Living

Today I am going to be doing some advertising.  It is for something very close to my heart – sustainable living. 


Every year Hoedspruit hosts a sustainable living festival.  It is held at the Bean’s school and runs for three days.  I think I’m going to be there as much as possible because I still have so much to learn.  People from all over South Africa come to this festival so if any of you are interested in coming along – I do have a guest cottage you can use. It will be held from 30th of April till the 2nd of May

Basic Concept

The basic concept behind the Sustainable Living Festival will be to establish a central platform to create and spread awareness of the different methods and options available, as well as to develop interest in, the various methods of sustainable living from making use of renewable energy within the home, recycling, waterwise and toxin free gardening to biodynamic and organic agriculture and many other new and innovative concepts and ideas

As the concept of Sustainable Living is very closely linked to the Biosphere Concept as set out by UNESCO in their MaB Prgramme (Man and the Biosphere Programme), the festival will also be used as a tool to further promote the concept of the Biosphere (and more specifically the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere in which we sit) as well as to promote the various organizations within the region that are involved in biosphere related projects or developments.

Daily Breakdown

The festival will be held over a 3 day period from Friday 30th April until Sunday 2nd May 2010.

All 3 days will see exhibitions and showcasing of the various products, services and projects related to Sustainable and Biosphere Living.

In addition, to this a number of workshops will be held each day to further enhance the transfer of knowledge and ideas in this regard as well as enable and encourage active and productive dialogue amongst different community sectors as regards developing thought processes and practical applications related to this globally developing concept.

Corresponding Activities

A number of corresponding Activities will be held over the 3 days and they include:

  • Workshops

There will be a number of workshops held throughout the festival – this year’s workshops will focus on aspects relating to the home production of bio-diesel, the low-carbon footprint form of construction such as Sandbag construction, the benefits and applications of Nature Farming®, organic gardening, a national biosphere seminar, the establishment of the Schools in Biosphere’s programme, a tourism speed marketing event and much, much more.


  • School Competitions

The inclusion of many schools in the greater region will focus high on the list this year, with the inclusion of a number of inter-school events, such as a debating competition, a recycled fashion show, an entrepreneurial competition (all items produced by schools must be done so from recycled materials), a music festival and many more exciting and relevant activities.


  • Cycle Race

Saturday morning will start early in the morning with a cycle race that is fast becoming a favourite on the annual cyclists calendar – with the unique concept that the majority (95%) of the race is conducted on private roads through the adjoining wildlife estates of Raptor’s View and Zandspruit.


  • Evening Entertainment

Friday night will showcase a cultural event that will encourage participation from all participants – for example, last year a drumming circle was held and this year we are in the process of lining up an event that will be just as spectacular and well received.  The evening is also initiated by an organic cheese and wine tasting event.

Saturday night has become established within the region as we host a live performance by one of South Africa’s leading artists – preferably with international reputation and success. 



Exhibitors that have been invited to exhibit at the festival will include the many aspects involved in sustainable development as well as the various activities related to the Biosphere concept.

Potential Exhibitors will include:

  • Sustainable Design Architects
  • Methods of Sustainable Construction
  • Forms of renewable energy
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Solar Cookers
  • Waterflow Systems
  • Biodynamic Agriculture Association of South Africa
  • Organic Farming Organisations
  • Suppliers of Eco-friendly Garden/ Agricultural Supplements
  • Suppliers of organic health products
  • Developers of Herbal products
  • Locally produced arts and crafts
  • Biofuel technologies and biofuel products
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Research Projects
  • Community Development Projects
  • Social Investment Projects
  • Government Departments
  • Municipalities
  • And many other festival related stalls and activities.

Our Yoga Center is also very involved and will  be doing ‘quick’ therapies in the Healing Tent. They are also presenting a workshop on the connection between your health and that of your environment.

For the full programme click here

I am interested in attending the following:

  • Stop smoking hypnotherapy workshop ( yes folks I have fallen again)
  • Waste and recycling
  • Dealing with Malaria naturally
  • Organic wine tasting (of course)
  • The masculine and feminine aspects of farming
  • Creative cooking
  • and finally the evening entertainment looks really good although I may give the rugby a skip.