When I said we may need a little sourness yesterday, I did not mean this!

The Bean and I are ok – we were not hurt.  The pedestrian who ran into the road in front of me was taken to hospital by ambulance. I am waiting to hear how he is.

The event was a nightmare as it happened at a bus stop where there were hundreds of workers waiting for busses alongside the road.  The spot is really a dangerous place and for that reason I was driving very slowly.  Just after the accident we were surrounded by a sea of angry people banging on our car insisting we take the pedestrian to the hospital.  It was very frightening.  The police and ambulance were fantastic and were on the scene within minutes.

Many people we know stopped and friends came to our rescue and took us home. Thank you H, S and J for all your help, and thank you also for your car that we will be borrowing till ours is fixed.  You are stars.


15 thoughts on “Crashed

  1. Sjoe, ek is so jammer so iets het gebeur, ek weet, dit het met my in Pta gebeur – ek is net bly julle is ok!
    Jy weet jy is nie skuldig en tog laat die mense jou soos n skurk voel!
    Sterkte vir julle 2!
    Liefde, Mwah


  2. What a terrible thing to happen! I went through a similar experience years ago, and the shock really set in a couple of hours later. Take care of yourself.

    It’s amazing how even at a reasonably slow speed, the impact of hitting a pedestrian is that hard.


  3. What a terrible shock for all involved. My thoughts are with you. Hopefully, there is something positive to come out of this experience. ♥


  4. Goodness gracious…thank the stars that you and your daughter are alright, and we’ll be saying prayers that the pedestrian is, also.

    Sending prayers and warm loving thoughts your way.


  5. Oh Jackie! I am so glad you and Kim are alright! That must have been very scary….first hitting the man and then the mob surrounding your car. I am glad you had friends that came to your rescue so quickly. Take care of yourselves!


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