A weekend from heaven and a pajama day.

This weekend was just what I needed.  After a stressy week at work we were able to unwind totally and still got so many things done.  Monday was a public holiday here in South Africa (Human Rights Day)  and the extra day off just made it totally sublime.  We had fantastic weather with a little rain on Friday and Saturday nights with warm sunny days in between.

On Friday night the Bean and I treated ourselves to sushi at Ollie’s restaurant (sushi on Fridays only) which is one of our favorite foods to eat. We also watched the full first season of 24 which we missed on TV. (This was done across the whole weekend in bits and pieces.)

On Saturday after a quick clean of the cottages, a good friend of mine and her daughter came to visit us for the morning.  We drove around the reserve picking up Wildebeest poop (Gnu) for my veggie patch.


Image via Wikipedia

It’s the freshest manure I can get here.  I also had a gardener to help me dig over the bed and get it ready for planting.  We had a great girl day.

Sunday ended up being what we call a pajama day – really lazy – reading books, watching dvd’s and I got some more of my painting done. I am really happy with the tree trunk now.

On Monday I was up early (forced out of my bed by the guilt of not having done anything the day before) and got the pool backwashed, my seeds planted, washing washed, and some housework done.  After the last few episodes of 24, and a few swims to cool off,  I finished the acrylic part of my painting.  Now all that I have to do with it is add some oil paint for detail and definition.

I hope you all had a great weekend too.  Do you ever have pajama days?  What do they entail?


7 thoughts on “A weekend from heaven and a pajama day.

  1. Pyjama days are the best! Ons het net so n lui lekker naweek gehad! Vrydag aand het Christo en sy maatjie hier by my kom eet, Erika en Carle het n ding by die skool aan gehad. Later kom Linde en Andy, oh boy but did we laugh ……… Christo and Linde was a treat! So we decided {s or} what ever, we are gona have more evenings like this! Miss you 2! Mwah


  2. As a gardener, I love the idea of a friend helping to collect animal poo for the garden! Sounds to me like your weekend was beautifully balanced! YOu just need a few more weekends like that!
    Love the painting, you must be very happy with it:-)
    It’s rare for me to have pajama days….tell the animals to give me time off eh?! Haven’t managed to train Mick to get me a cuppa yet…..


  3. Love your painting – and hornbills! We don’t get them down here in the Southern Cape, but see them up in the Kalahari.

    Pajama days? I used to work as a computer programmer from home. Some work days I didn’t get out of my pajamas until into the afternoon! Though you probably mean relaxing pajama days . . . I love those too. Usually just read or watch DVDs with a couple of naps thrown in.


  4. I LOVE the painting! It is beautiful. Now, you have a truly remarkable talent to be able to showcase your Art, talk of sushi, (I love sushi!) and then top it all off with Wildebeast Poop! That is talent! 🙂


  5. PJ days around here consist of reading books, lounging by the pool, watching DVDs, or playing computer games. We can never get too many of those.

    Love the painting; it’s looking absolutely wonderful.


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