Guest cottage renovations.

The renovations continue. Wall hole repairs and paint work now completed. I also replaced some of the window putty and painted the window frames.  It still looks very rustic and basic but much cleaner at least.

I would really like to replace the shower door but that will have to wait for now. For now, I just have to polish up the floor, finish descaling the wall tiles and find something to cover/improve that ugly pipe behind the toilet. Any suggestions?  I don’t think paint will stick to it – It is half cement and half plastic with wax sealant on.


17 thoughts on “Guest cottage renovations.

    • Hello Rose. What browser are you using? Are you viewing from a mobile device or your pc? Please let me know so that I can look into it. Sometimes the pictures may take a little time to load on a slower connection. have you tried refreshing the page?


  1. Looks wonderfully clean and fresh – and lots of hard work, I know LOL

    That’s a lovely big bathroom. For the loo pipe – I’d try and paint it, and if that doesn’t work maybe wrap it in a white cloth? Or glue some dried indigenous plant matter to it. Or hide it with a bathroom bin?


    • I was thinking of wrapping it in plaster-of-paris bandages like a broken arm ( my medical background 🙂 ) but then I would have a problem if a leak develops. Maybe I can find a nice white duct tape to cover it with? I must look at the hardware store. I’m pretty sure paint won’t stick to the wax sealant.


  2. It looks wonderful, Jackie! I would suggest a random, free-form mosaic. If you break the pieces of tile small enough the scale should work. Cloth would be difficult to keep clean, unless you make a cozy with a zipper in the back for easy removal. Decoupage would also work on the pipe and would be easier than mosaic.


      • Box will work Jax! You can extend it to the end of the wall and place a toilet role holder or toilet bruch holder on it! Really looking great!!!


  3. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do!
    As for the toilet, could you not build a ‘cupboad’ under the cistern? One that runs from the bottom of the cistern to the floor? Otherwise you could slip a collar of PVC pipe over the concrete bit OR paint the concrete bit. If it’s all one colour it may not stand out as much


    • All great ideas. I think the most cost effective for now will be Kathy’s of maosaicing it as I have the supplies already. If that does not work out – I will revert to a wooden cupboard/box.


  4. Wife: “What are you doing?” (calling from other room..)
    Mark: “I’m looking at pics of Jackie’s Toilet”
    Wife: “Good Lord you people are weird!”



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