Getting ready for growing season

Well I’m not called Slowvelder for nothing. I have been really slow in getting posts up onto the blog!  Quite a bit has been happening here though, and because of that I have been quite busy.

I am currently busy finishing off my chicken cage, re-thatching the new thatch roof that was a total disaster the first time round, and getting my shade house ready for growing season. Having a mornings only job has also slowed me down a bit as I now only have half days and weekends on the farm.

I am so thankful to some very kind and helpful people who have helped me so much. My friends Alf and Helen have been absolutely awesome.  Alf was responsible for getting my cool shade-cloth house built.  It is now almost ready to function.

As you can see, it is not only my blog that has been neglected.  All that marula fruit lying on the floor should have been made into beer and jelly.  I’m afraid I missed the marula season completely this year.  This is only of of about 10 trees I have in the vicinity of my cottages.

In April I begin in earnest to grow my vegetables. It feels rather strange growing veggies in winter but very few will thrive in our summer heat.  I think, with the shade cloth I should be able to at least grow tomatoes, peppers and squashes in summer.  The rest all grow in winter.  I just can’t wait to get going!


12 thoughts on “Getting ready for growing season

  1. That shade cloth house looks wonderful, I cannot wait to see pictures of it full of veggies. I agree Winter is a strange time to begin, but nonetheless what fun.
    I am intrigued about your hens: what predators do you have over there for chickens, snakes?


    • Yes my biggest problem will be african pythons. They will come to investigate my chickens. When building a chicken cage here you must consider where you put the cage because you will be attracting snakes. Also, this issue plays a huge role in the construction of your coop. It must be snake proof which is quite hard to achieve when using recycled materials. That is why it is taking so long to get my cage ready. Other predators are jackals, leopards and caracals etc. I will also be letting my chickens roam about in the afternoons so this is going to be rather interesting. Most of the predators are an issue at night.


  2. I think it’s good to be so busy that you can’t find time to write about it 🙂 The shade cloth-house looks great! Good luck keeping snakes and other undesirables away. Happy growing!


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