A winter walk – my wonderland

Ever since Cleo arrived with us I have been trying to photograph her. Somehow my camera does not like her and she does not like the camera. She refuses to look at me when I want to take a picture and gets all coy, meanwhile my camera sees a fuzzy black thing and can not focus on her properly. Today I decided to take my camera along on our daily walk to see if the late afternoon light will help with the photography.

It’s really dry here right now so the colours contrast well.

See the bird just above her head that she is watching. She really wanted to chase it but listens to me when I tell her not to.


12 thoughts on “A winter walk – my wonderland

  1. Hehe … thanks for taking us for a walk Jackie … and the last pic does seem to saying ‘ok, put the camera away now …’

    Your part of the world looks so similar to much of north/central Namibia.


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