A little about health


I have gently been making a few changes in my life. Taking a few steps towards living a little healthier. I gave up smoking on the 3rd of January, and have started cutting down on red wine consumption as my body really just doesn’t like it. I am now getting ready to go all the way when my food garden is producing.  Ideally I eventually want to be producing at least 75% of my own food in a natural and healthy way.  This will take some time and I am also not going to be an extreme purist about this.  There will be times when I will just feel like having a pizza in town and I will then do so.

Towards this goal I have been given a little gift. A friend of mine here in Hoedspruit was caught between homes while she is building her home and over this same time, I have had to keep Jackal’s Den closed due to our ongoing water problem, so she and her husband and young daughter have moved onto my farm to stay with me.  Karen is a whole food cook book author and a trained chef, so in exchange for accommodation, she has taken over my kitchen and provides and prepares all my meals for me. What a blessing!

This week we started on a detox, with the menu provided to us by her co-author Heidi who is a nutritionist. I am currently on day three of my 5-7 day detox (depends what I can cope with) and am eating only fresh fruit, veg and brown rice.

So far, everything is going really well and I enjoy the foods I eat.  I  have never been one for eating much fruit, but love my veggies.  I have to push my boundaries a bit because I usually add butter to most of my vegetables and that is not allowed this week and I have had to increase my consumption of fruit (I battle a bit with fruit texture).

Tonight will be quite a test of my endurance because it’s art group and I must forgo all the wine and snacks.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “A little about health

  1. I’d say you’re being helped along this path marvellously! Wish I could have someone to do the kitchen work! But yes, healthy eating soon becomes the norm, and then you won’t crave the ‘baddies’. Good luck♥


  2. Congratulations on giving up smoking! I gave up years ago, but I’m battling to convince my husband he needs to do the same. There’s a fine line between coercion and becoming a nag!
    I’m also becoming more aware of the food I eat. I’m also not a purist, nor do I want to become extremely finicky about what I eat (I love food!) – but I’m sceptical of mass-produced goods that contain “filler” ingredients that have little or no nutritional value (or worse – are downright unhealthy). If you want to buy anything of quality then the costs are extortionate – so I’ve taken to making my own, from scratch. At least I know what the basic ingredients contain! Food has never tasted to good, nor so real!
    Good luck with your food garden – I’m so very envious; I don’t have a garden at all, let alone a veggie patch!


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