Goodbye sweet beast…

Yesterday one of the owners here had to euthanize a young female wildebeest (gnu).  She had been caught in two snares and was suffering terribly.  When these things happen I get so mad because it is so cruel, and then I think of the poor labourers who set these snares because they get paid so badly they can’t buy food.  I feel pulled between the two.  I wish we had some decent solutions to these problems here.  All we can do is continuously sweep for snares and try to assist the neighbouring labourers as much as we can with extra work to help them out financially.

After she was shot,  the owner gave the animal to our labourer to cut up and use for meat so at least nothing is wasted.

Last night it was so hot here that I left my cottage door open to get some movement of air. At around midnight I heard Cleo chomping something behind me and I turned to see her gnawing on a thickish branch of a tree.  This is so out of her nature that I got up and turned the light on to find half a wildebeest leg on my carpet!  She had obviously found where the labourer had dumped the entrails for jackals and other animals to eat.  Yeugh!


5 thoughts on “Goodbye sweet beast…

  1. This is a great problem for sure. I have been think a lot about this, but not being there, its difficult to get it clear in my head what real cause and effect could be,


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